Well, the last time I posted I was dealing with a “What do we do now”  feeling. Last Sunday night Roy preached at our church for the very first time! His sermon was on the power of prayer. He was awesome! Right before he went up I was so nervous that I thought I would lose my supper! It was like I was the one going up there. I just prayed to myself . I kept telling the Lord that I trusted Him and I knew that He would fill my husbands mouth with the words He would have him to use. I have never seen my husband in his “zone” you see, so for me it was a time of amazement, joy and then it occured to me that years of prayer was coming to pass right before my eyes. I had a front row seat. I got in on all the juicy details. Our God is so good gals! We just have to trust Him with all of our heart and know that He is listening always. The love that we felt and are still feeling is such a blessing. I have to tell you, I have 2 teenage boys, one of that  has made an amazing transformation in the last few months. He is a boy that has had battles that left him with so much defeat and hurt our relationship to the point neither of us liked the other. I will always love him but don’t always like who he was….know what I am saying? Anywho..My 2 boys were standing in the pew behind me and I just happened to look over my shoulder and seen both of those beautiful heads bowed in prayer…. it was all that I could do not to lose it….I had been telling myself all day that I was not going to cry…but that was almost more than my heart could bear…I was being spoiled by the Lord…I am certain of it. Do you ever feel like the Lord answers so many of your prayers at one time that you feel spoiled? I just love it when that happens and I can’t wait for it to happen again!

I am filled with so much excitement. We are new to the ministry, brand new, just like a newborn baby. We have answered God’s call and my husband is very busy serving the Lord doing lots of phone calls, visiting and all that goes with being a Pastor. So what do I do? I feel the Lord would like me to work with women’s ministry, I just don’t know where to start. I am not good at all with speaking in front of people, I know that the Lord is leading me strongly though. Do any of you Pastor’s wives have any advice for me? Where do I start? We are still in our home church, our Pastor plans to send us to preaching points throughout our community so I am sure my husband will have lots of work to do for the Lord. It is so different for me on the other side now. I am so ready to get started working for the Lord. I am lead in a couple of different directions, I just would like to know what you ladies did in the early stages of ministry. Curious and needing advice.

It is awesome to me that we have a God that loved us to such an extent that He would send His Son, the only one I might add, to live on this sinful earth so that He could die for people that may never know Him and how wonderful that He really is. I think of my boys….I can’t even imagine. I always try walk in other’s shoes. Try to get a feel for what they are living through. I have a desire to know people. I want to know why they like their coffee black and why they choose silk pajamas over fuzzy ones. I want to know how it feels to walk in the shoes of my Pastor’s Wife. I have such “HIGH” respect for her. She just shines with the love of the Lord. She is bubbly and loveable. So easy to be around. I would like to carry around that quality.

My husband is Roy, he is such a blessing to me. I am proud and inwardly brag about him to myself, I won’t to anyone else, in fear of sounding boastful. I love that he is a man of God. I find it to be my favorite quality about him right now. I don’t know if you feel that way or not, but I have favorite qualities of the moment that I like about people. He is answering his call to ministry. I know that may sound confusing to some, the answering part. Well, he has been called to ministry. He is attending Liberty University and majoring in Pastoral Studies. I am so excited to be called The Wife of a Pastor that I had to write a blog about it. I am working on my first book as a matter of fact. I have no experience in this of course, but the Lord has put it on my heart to write it and I will. It could take me years I know but I am prepared for the task. My life has changed so much in the past year that I have to say this is one of the best years of my life. Are there others out there that are feeling the same way? Are you a wife with a houseful of children and a husband called in Ministry. I would like to talk to you. I would like to know how you drink your coffee. Do you feel like this is the best year of your life? Why? How does it make you feel that your husband is answering the call? I am excited to hear from others out there. I try to imagine how big our world really is. How many other women are there out there that are similar to me? Hmmm….How do you drink your coffee?